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Title:Camden School Fourth and Fifth Grades top, Fifth and Sixth Grades bottom, 1930
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1930
Dimensions:5 x 2 1/4
Keywords:Fourth and Fifth - top rw l-r: Carl Taylor, Chester Brovont, John Arthur Richey, June Cline, paul Bechdolt, Dora Raver, Max Mullendore, Jane Witter, Ralph Snoeberger, Maxine Leslie, Fern Miller, Charles Randolph, Abner Hoff, Leo Price, Roy Horn, Bob Wyatt. 2nd rw: Walter Fross, Patricia lynch, Pauline Hicks, Bessie Lou Ronk, Thelma Snoeberger, Audrey Flora, Marguerite Plank, Delores, Wise, Madeline Pohannon, Cletis Crook, Mary Allene Horn, Mary Jane Harter, Donnabelle Beckner, Jack McPhail, 1st rw: Roger Wagoner, Billy Myers, Vernon George, Dean Hughes, James Raver, Johnnie Kinsey, Asa Flora, Omer Hicks, Lee Yoder, Edwin Wise, Earl Flora, Walter Mac Johnson
Location:Camden, IN
Material Type:Dragnet yearbook photos
Notes:Fifth and Sixth - top rw l-r: Jewell Maxine Musselman, Dora Lee Kennedy, Earnest Wolf, Dallas Wise, Raymon Roberson, Roy Snipes, Charles Flora, Oral Hicks, Joe Sullivan, Eugene Titus, Cecil Wallace, William Howell, Carolyn Heddrick, Earl Wolf, Jean Edging, Sarah Jane Cree, Helen Raber, Charles Cline, 2nd rw: Glen Oyler, Tressie Yoder, Madge Snipes, Ellen Louise Robeson, Mary Bohannon, Mary Marie Endress, Maxine Hodge, Bertha Joe Lane, Marills Flora, paul Blocker, Lester Yost, Richard Hoff, Una Flora, Anna Case, Charles Flora, Miss Lucile Sanderson (teacher), 1st rw: Alice Louise Cree, Betty Cole, Lauda Bowman, Frances Leslie, Edna Smith, Rachel Stover, Rowena Wallace, Howard crumpacker, Monroe Flora, Arthur Shonk, Myrl Flora, Charley Flora
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