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Title:Courthouse Employees, retirement of E.E. Pruitt
Recorded By:Rodkey Studio, Delphi, IN
Photo Date:ca: 1940
Dimensions:8 3/4 x 4 1/2
Keywords:men, women, courtroom
Location:Carroll County Courthouse, Delphi, IN
Material Type:B&W matte finish
Notes:bk rw. L-r; George Wasson, Harry Hatton, Herman Theophole, Earl Thompson, Wade Farr, Charoles Bell, Joseph T. Ives, Jason Been, Mahlon Kerlin, William B. Smith, David Baum, Watson McCormick, John Hamling, Harry H. Cree, Arthur Cole, Floyd Julian, George M. Smith, Cliffor Bitler; center, Wm C. Smith (Judge smiths father), Judge Pruitt, James Obear; 1st rw. Edith McCain, Gwen Kabler, Agnes Margowski, Ruth Ayers, Margaret Baum, Ruth McCormick, Josephine Brown
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