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Title:Sgt. Gilbert Bailey USMC
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1943
Condition:creases, spotty
Dimensions:10 x 8
Keywords:man, typewriter, uniform, pencil, matches, papers, photographs, ink
Material Type:B&W glossy
Notes:sent stories of the war back to the newspaper; Letter to Judge W. B. Smith as follows; Dear Bill, Thanks for your note, and in advance for your package. I am warmed by your kind words and the thought that you remembered the plodding, bumbling correspondent. The longer the war progresses the more I am struck by the fact that I haven't seen much of it, except oceans of water a d a few patches of dirt around my own foxhole. As you know, war is like that. Even the greatest of ventures have a way of dwindling down in retrospect to not much of anything. Recently I have been faced with the choice of going out again or settling down for the moment in a desk job. There is a scizzoid sort of feeling which pulls you where the action is in spite of the hell that goes with it, but it isn't as strong as it used to be. Right now the desk job looks awful good. I have learned to distrust even the most respectable motives. Even the yen for action is a kind of self-dramatiation, the desire to win the approval and admiration of yourself and other people. That is rationalization in a complete form but it seems to be true. There are no plans in mind to write another book, but I am trying to do as many articles as possible; on in October, Asia and the New Americas Magazine, and another which went off to Esquire yesterday. Day after tomorrow the election. I'm hoping fervently that Roosevelt will win; otherwise, we probably won't be much force at the peace table. I'm sending you a small item which I salvaged from the rubble of a native village on Tinian. It isn't much but an authentic souvenir of battle as such things go. Best of luck to you and regards to the family , Yours, Gil (the objects he sent back were rice bowls)
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