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Title:Presbyterian Church sesquicentennial 1828 - 1978
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1978
Dimensions:5 1/2 x 4 1/4
Location:Main and Indiana Sts., Delphi, IN
Material Type:B&W. line drawing, on note paper
Notes:Report from the Sesquicentennial committee: Last May the session appointed a committee of 15 to make plans for celebrating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the First Presbyterian Church in Delphi on May 23, 1828. Members appointed on the committee were: Hilda Bowen, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Black, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bradshaw, Mrs. & Mrs. Robert Brookbank, Irene Mason, Betty McCormick, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Peterson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn and Mr. & Mrs. Claude Robinson. The Committee met June 9 and elected officers: John Peterson, president; Robert Quinn, vice president and Virginia Brookbank, secretary. Committees were appointed, and the following is a report of their activities: Irene Mason, Hilda Bowen and Betty McCormick were appointed on a display and exhibit committee. They are collecting old pictures, church programs, and other things relating to the history of the church, and will have them on display next May. Anyone having anything suitable for this exhibit is urged to report it to a member of the committee. Pictures will be copied, and the original returned to the owner. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Black are in charge of a committee to sell souvenirs and commemorative articles. They have note paper with a picture of the church selling for $1.00 for 10 sheets and envelopes. They have ordered 200 license plates with the church name and emblem which will sell at $1.50. Other articles are being investigated. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bradshaw, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brookbank and Mrs. & Mrs. John C. Peterson are collecting information to publish a book on the history of the church. Anyone with information or pictures should report to a member of the committee. As soon as approximate cost are determined, orders will be taken for the book so they will know how many to print. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn are working as chairmen for a committee to arrange for activities during the month of May. They are planning to have a special program and celebration at the church on May 28, 1978. Former pastors and former members will be special guests. Arrangements have been made for Presbytery to meet at Delphi in June, and the exhibits at the church will be on display for that occasion. Central Presbyterian Church at Lafayette is celebrating their 150th anniversary in May, and the committee is considering some kind of joint activity or exchange of program with them. Any suggestion for the committee will be welcome. Mr. & Mrs. Claude Robinson are members of the Publicity committee and have been keeping members and the public informed through articles in the church publication and newspapers.
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