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Title:D.H.S. Junior Class, studio setting
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:1907
Condition:book is torn and missing covers
Dimensions:10 1/2 x 8
Keywords:young men, young women, blouses, skirts, dress, hair bows, necklace, brooch, suit , tie, watch
Location:Delphi, IN
Material Type:year book
Notes:alphabetical order: Blanche Allen, Bur Balser, William Bohm, Fanny Boyd, Alfred Briney, Lynn Brookbank, Gladys Calvert, Louisa Carithers, Sadie Coble, William Conway , Cora Cripe, Roy Dame, Aouda Gee, Trawin Hefner, Lois Imler, Naomi Johnson, Floyd Julien, Edna Kirkpatrick Charles Niewerth, Maude Oles, Hariet Orr, John Rohrabaugh, John Shriner, Hulda Smith, Edna Smith John Shaffer, Beryle Trawin
Image Number: