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Title:Delphi High School class, indoor setting
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:1916
Condition:faded, some scuffs, frame has some holes and rough edges, upper right corner missing
Dimensions:14 x 11 3/4
Keywords:young men, young women, sailor blouse, suit, bow tie, starched collar, hair bow, hair comb, lapel pin, fur collar & cuffs, sweater, neck scarf
Location:Delphi, IN
Material Type:sepia tone on cardboard frame
Notes:Eppie Lesh Miller, Arlie Julian, Margaret Atkinson Johnson, Mary Hay Clawson, Harriet Hubbard McCallough, Naomi Pruitt Theophile, Russel Hazelgrove, Marie Brewer Julian, Adaline VanOstran, Larry Dunbeck, Harry Warrick, Georgia Loy Quinn, Bryan Miller, Lawrence Merrell, Mildred Merrell, Clarence Engle, Esther Giles Buley, Laura Goslee Wise, Ray Calvert, Eva Hannel Foust, Ruth Robbins Fouts, Doroty Wingard, Edith Robinson, Albert Nichter, Dean Smith, Edith Gruber Morman, E. Lesh, R. Hazelgrove, G. Loy, B. Nuller, Tina Hall Conway, ---Wingard, A. Juliun, Marie Brewer, M. Atkinson, A. VanOstram, L. Merrell, John Cartwright, Edith Robinson, L. Donbeck, M. Merrell, A. Nichter, ---Hay, A. VanOstran, J. Clifford, C. Engle, --Boone, Esther Giles, Faye S---, H. Hubbard, H. Warrick, H. Scott, L. Goslee, Dean Smith, N. Pruitt, H. Schwak, R. Calvert, Eleanor Swartz, A. Hunsinger, Eva Hannel, Mable Wetzel, Elizabeth Gruber, Ruth Robbins
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