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Title:Pyrmont School, outdoor setting
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1912
Condition:scuffs, frame lower left corner, bent, spotty
Dimensions:14 x 12
Keywords:children, teacher, knickers, locket, bonnet, hair bow
Location:Pyrmont, IN
Material Type:sepia tone cardboard frame
Notes:Not in order: Opal Jane Reichart Clendenning (youngest child in photo), Linton Wagoner, Vesta Studebaker, Bertha Swartz, Ruth Overly, Nina Ulsey, Merle McCluse, Beryle Mussellman, Ethel Murphy Reffert, Everett Barnhart, Ralph Cuffy, Bill Newwel, Millard Wagoner, Pearl Reinneger, Walter Ulsey (Hopper), Della Snyder, Ethel Leibert, Edith Murphy Burkhalter, Leona Dickinson, Ruth Simmons, Anna Lyons, Gladys Welker (small with glasses), Edith Lyons, Ruth Wagoner, Birdi Newell, Ted Cuffy, Annabell Cuffy, Harriett Cuffy, Hazel Wagoner, Ruth Fetterhoff, Floyd Simmins, Frances Lyons, Clarence Shulties, Ethel Hufford (teacher, mar. Roy Reffert), Ulsey Gerald (Adams), Gish Retherford, Virgil Sommers, Tom Paul, Glen Leppert, Paul Dickinson, Ralph Metzger, Nolan Waler, Helen Flora, Alta Wagoner, Nola Wagoner, Mary Schwartz, Meridith Corney, Gladys Paul, Della Mellinger, John Shulties, Glen Wagoner
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