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Title:The First Presbyterian Church membership, outdoor setting, First Row: Rosemary Ruffing Hannell, Jack Grimm, Evelyn Rardon---, Edna Johnson Kerlin, ---, ---, ---, ---, (see notes)
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:Sept. 28, 1922
Condition:creases, hole in lower left corner, hole in upper right 3rd. faded
Dimensions:32 x 6
Keywords:group, church, Rev. Rae Martin (see copy on display for number of person)
Location:Frst. Presbyterian Church, Delphi, IN
Material Type:sepia tone photography
Notes:Florence Morrison Ber, Ruth Brewer Howell, Ruby Thompson Trent, Irene Shaffer Mason, Helen Shafer Novatnay, Joan Wilson Gunder, Ann Gardner Plank, Greta Robinson, Raymond Leatherman, James Martin, Ralph Martin,Ministers two sons ___, Robert Martin (Henry's Son), Paul Ferrier, Robert Ferrier, Erwin Kendrick, Agnes Louise Smith Gibson, Clarence Darragh, Ralph Kendrick, John Metsker, Bob Hall Second Row: Flora Snoddy, Ada Hinkle, Saddie Swatts, Mrs. Charles Best, Mrs Callie Rosenbarger, Mrs. Dickinson, Barbara Greenwalt, Flora Fethers, Mrs. Reed (Flora Fether's mother), Lindy Tootham, Mrs. Stansell, Mrs. Gardner (Elsa's mother), Mrs. Matt Sterling, Matthew Sterling, Dr. Sharer, Rev. Rae Martin, Mrs. Rae Martin, Dr. W.R. Quick, Garfield Shaffer, Florence Morrison Baer, George Hall,W. H. Robinson (Fannie Carneys' Mother) Mrs. Tom Ryan, Mrs. Gochenour, Mrs. Nat Brown, STella Butler, Catherine Schnepp, ____, Beth Gee (Home Ec Teacher), Veterinarian's wife and baby. Third Row: George Best, Charles Best, Ella Sharer, Mrs. Edwin Baum, Lola Rohrabaugh Cleaver, Horace and Mary Jane Rohrabough, Mable jakes Crowell, Nellie Haughey, Lucille Good Wilcox, Lula Fauber Martin, Ruth McCormick, Margaret Atkinson Johnson, Elsi Gardner Musselman, Mrs. Henry Martin, Ada Smith, Mrs. Fauber, Mrs. W. R. Quick, Jennie Jordan, Helen Day Quick, Mrs. Josephine Matsker, Grace Shaffer, Charles Schnepp, Tom Ryan Ralph Hill, J. C. Downey, Edwin Baum, Belle Snoddy, Mrs. Sall Doty, Mrs. I. A. Rosenbarger, Alta Rosenbarger Nagel, Ruth Gurley, Sarah Clauser, Mrs. Matt Julius, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. John Todd, Mrs. Bary Letherman, Dr. Frank Robinson, Isabelle Robinson, H. G. Toole (High School Prin.) Rufus Miksell (High School Coach), Oscar Leatherman. Back Row: Roy Clauser, Ed Grimm, Sallie Grimm, Ed Johnson, Mrs. Ed Johnson, Mary Ruffing Simpson (standing), Mrs. Ralph Hill, Maude Newel, Zelpha Kramer, Edna Best Quinn, Mary Watt, Mary Hinkle, Mrs. Edgar Fountain, Edgar Fountain, Paul Quick, Lestor Jim Dickinson, Walter Fauger, Noah Rosenbarger, Wilber Hall, Charles Gros, Eddie Ferrier, Effie Mitchell, Jennis Hall, I. A. Rosenbarger, George Brewer, Clay Doty, Donald Kuntz, ____, Della Van Nanata, Lillie Gros, Edwin Snoddy, Eva Dooley, Mrs. Powell (Maude Newells; Mother), Mrs. Ferrier, Mrs. Bessie Robinson
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