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Title:Old Settlers & citizens of Carroll Co., IN -F
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1868
Dimensions:1/6 of large group
Material Type:reproduced from tin types
Notes:rw 1: J. R. Henrey, G. Robinson, Johathan E. Moore, D. Daggett, P. Bennam, Mrs. Dewey, ---, Christian Gros, J. Assion, rw 2: Mr. Montgomery, Mrs. Barnett, Mr. Wagoner, Mrs. Wagoner, J. Lyons, Mrs Pollard, J. B. Scott, Mrs. J. B. Scott, ---, rw 3: Mrs. Heffner, ---, Mrs. Bladen, Mrs. Sims,Mrs, Bruff, ---, Mrs Bolles, Mr. Pllard, ---, rw 4: Dr. Edward Walker, Dora Armatage, John Miller, ---,---, Mr. Barnes, L. Haines, Wm. Barnes, Mrs. Emerick, rw 5: E. W. Hubbard J. Hannum, Mrs. Briney, Mr. and Mrs. Assion, Mrs. Assion , William Armstrong, J. Jackson, B. Bolton, Mrs. Pigman, rw 6: Mr. Burntrager, J. G. Kessler, J. Garrett, Mrs. Blanchard, Mrs. Moyer, B. Branch, Mrs. Daniel Baum, E. Stansel, Mr. Arnett & Lady
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