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Title:Old Settlers & citizens of Carroll Co., IN -E
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1868
Dimensions:1/6 of large group
Material Type:reproduced from tin types
Notes:rw 1: J. Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. B. Rutter, N. Sandifer, J. B. Milroy, Mrs. J. B. Milroy, Wm. Adkinson, Mrs. Wm. Adkinson, Mr. Farniman, rw 2: Mrs. Chittie, Mr. Conley, Mrs. Conley, J. Earnest, Mrs. J. Earnest, Reed Case, Dock Garrett, Mrs. Dock Garrett, F. A. Shultz, rw 3: Mr. Gasaway, H. Lyons, T. A. Doggett, Samuel Thompson, ---, Mr. McDonnal, H. Sampson, Wm. Halsey, Mr. Black, rw 4: Mrs. Biesecker, Mrs. Crowder, Mrs. Bricker, Mrs. Gosley, Mrs. McAnderson, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Gosley, ---,---, rw 5: J. Archer, Mrs. J. Archer, J. W. Gillam, Mrs J. W. Gillam, Mr. Vandevalden, Mrs. Vandevalden, R. Grayham, H. Bolles, Mrs. Grayham, rw 6: Mrs. Abner Robinson, Wm. Dunkle, Mrs. Wn. Dunkle, H. M. Grayham, Mrs. H. M. Grayham, Mr. Wingard, Mrs. Wingard, Mrs. Johathan C. Applegate, B.B. Daily
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