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Title:Old Settlers & citizens of Carroll Co., IN -D
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1868
Dimensions:1/6 of large group
Material Type:reproduced from tin type
Notes:rw 1: Mr. Newman, Mr Vandevalden, A. Phelps, John Turpie,G. Cline, W. Beach, J. Culler, Rev. Wright, rw 2: Mr. Green, Mrs. Deal, Wm.Huse, Mrs. Wm. Huse, Mr. Glasscock, Mrs. Moyer, J.J. Bostetter, Mrs. H. J. Bostetter, rw 3: Mrs. Coble, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Hair, ---, Mrs. Ralph Leigh, Mrs. Beachum, Mrs. L. McCain, Miss or Mrs. Robinson, rw 4: Mr. Moore, A. Compton, Mr. Booher, Jonas Elston, J. B. Ballard, J. Spece, A. Slain, Mr. Malcomb, rw 5: Mr. Johnson, A. VanGunda, T. Rots, Mrs. Armstrong, H.Briney, Mr. Hatfield, Mrs. Hatfield, Archibald Chitick, rw 6: Benjamin F. Brough, George Byers, Mr. Gillam, ---, Daniel Baum, Mr. and Mrs. Bush and son, John Burget, Mrs. Baum
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