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Title:Old Settlers & citizens of Carroll Co., IN -B
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:ca: 1868
Dimensions:1/6 of large group
Material Type:reproduced from tin types
Notes:rw 1: Levi M. Graham, John Wingard, Eoch Rinehart, Mr. Morrison, Dr. Webber, ---, G. Shaffer, J. King, rw 2: J.M. Grant, Mr. Dock, Mrs. Glasscock, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. R. Mitchell, Mrs. Gillam, Thomas Sterling, Mrs. Thomas Sterling, rw 3: J. Ledman, F. Thompson, Mr. Briggs, Mr. Chapman, I. Griffeth, L. Jordan, Mrs. Loman, Mrs. Murdock rw 4: Mr. Martin, Mr. Gist, R. Holt, Mr. Snider, William Crooks, Dr. Squire Dale, Enoch Cox,Sr., Mr. Bridge, rw 5:----, ----, Mr. Winters, Mrs. Overhalsey, Mr. Yerda, T.C. Huse, Mr. Burr, Mrs. Johnson, rw 6: D.R. Harley, Col. Holt, Mrs. Dugan, J.P. Dugan, ---, Mr. Watts, Brs, Forsman, Mrs Gibson
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