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Title:Yeoman All School 1927: rw 1 l-r: Leo Galloway ?, Tom Viney, Junior Johns, Bill Myers, Virgil Myers, Henry Dilling, Woodrow Hawn, Frank Hallam, Beryl Baum, Keith Johns, Cloyd Marquess, Joe Maxwell, Charles Goslee, Charles Gilliam, Truman Gollway ?, Glen Farney ? Eddie Myers (see notes) outside setting
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:1927
Dimensions:21 x 6 1/4
Keywords:young man, young woman, boys, girls, school house
Location:Yeoman, IN
Material Type:B&W glossy
Notes:rw 2: Jr. Baum, Tom Galloway, Charles Rodabaugh, Richard Hawn, ?, Doris Mullendore, Maxine Baum, Mary E. Phillips, Ileen Hallam, Beatrice Wise, Maxine Kennard, Maxine Julien, Ruth Viney, Geraldine Mullendoore, Helen Scott, Martha A. Crook, Mildred Overly, Elva Scott, Marilyn Holloway, Doris Holloway, Mary Ellen Galloway, Juanita Hunt, Thelma Galloway , rw 3: Florence Viney, Clatia Kennard, Doris Doolittle, Nada Halloway, Ruby Simons, Ruth Kennard, Laura Gilliam, Leland Julien, Reed Goslee, Vernon Myers, Wayne Million, Floyd Hargraves, Edward Mullendore, John Dilling, Charles (Dick) James, Kenneth Dilling, Don Goslee, Harold Newman, Viola hunt, Mary Cook, Mildred Viney, Wilma Mullendore, rw 4: Teacher - Charles Demmit, Teacher - Naomi Korn, Teacher - Dorcas Mills, Teacher - Doris Sanders, Clyde Myers, Lawrence VanderVolgen, Joe Crook, Frieda Goslee, Josephine Schock, Geraldine Goslee, Irene Gilliam, Mary Metz, Janice Raider, 93-5 (1)
Image Number: