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Title:Delphi graduating class of 1918: Ethel Hornback Lybrook, Helen Hornbeck Baird, Joan Murply McHardie, Lulu Fauber Martin, Vern Gillam, Ruth Jones Mills (see notes)
Recorded By:unk
Photo Date:1918
Condition:fair, some scuffing, frame ragged on edges
Dimensions:14 x 12
Keywords:young men, young women, school uniforms, skirts, suits, ties, brooch, glasses, outdoor setting
Location:high school, Delphi, IN
Material Type:sepia tone, photo card
Notes:Wilbur Haynes Trawin, Isabell Donbeck, Jessie Murphy Oswald, Clarence Shultheis,Dorthy Harner, Jessie Robinson Ashba, Margaret Susan Gilliam Maxwell, Gearold Clawson
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