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Title:County Officials, 1907, Delphi, IN
Recorded By:A.W. Wolever, Delphi, IN
Photo Date:1907
Dimensions:8 x 6
Keywords:judge, men, women: tp rw l-r, Frank Brown, recorder, Phillip B. Heming, Supt. of Schools, Edw. D. Wagner, Coroner, David E Albajugh, Surveyor (see notes)
Location:steps of second court house, Delphi, IN
Material Type:sepia tone
Notes:Rob't. J. Hay, Deputy Surveryor, C.E. McCain, Deputy Sheriff, 2nd rw, Wn. L. Pullen, Sheriff, Harry E. Reed, Clerk, Al Rogers, Court Bailiff, Jas. P. Wasson, Judge, Geo. W. Julien, Atty. Fred H. Engle, Auditor, Noah Landis, Deputy Treas., Henry J. Butz, Treas. Chris Engle, Deputy Auditor, L.D. Boyd Atty. Lewis D. Temple, Assessor, Howard Smith, Janitor: 3rd rw. Lora Titlow, Deputy Recorder, Agnes Margowski, Deputy Clerk, Jos. Clark, Commissioner, Abraham Burkholder, Commissioner, John, J. Draper, Commissioner.
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