About the Historical Society...

As America moved into the early part of the twentieth century, a few individuals in Carroll County realized the need for an organization to preserve local history for future generations. In 1921 these people formed an historical society for the county. It was this groundwork that gave us a start to build on in later years.

Much credit can be given to them for their effective efforts in the preservation of our history. Most of the members of the society were elderly, and as the years passed and no younger individuals took over the reins of leadership, in the 1930s the society ceased to be active. More years passed--the Depression Years, World War II, the post-war boom--but finally the idea of preserving our heritage was again being considered by a group of Carroll County people.

In September 1967, a group met with representatives of the Rossville History Club of the Rossville Junior High School. A constitution and by-laws were presented by them and accepted by the Carroll County Group. Thus we began our new adventure in the formation of the Carroll County Historical Society . A spark of desire and determination ignited the organization into action, and work began immediately.

A symbol was adopted - Burnetts Creek Arch , a relic of the Wabash & Erie Canal days; plans were made to be responsive to the needs and desires of the people of Carroll County who were interested in preserving our rich heritage. An Archives section was established; the Historical Museum in the Courthouse was renovated and opened for visitation; two booklets were published-- one gives the location of the Cemeteries in the County and the other lists the marriages in Carroll County from 1828 to 1850. A genealogical committee was organized and became active.

Over the past years, several reprints of local histories were made so that all people could share in the knowledge of our local history. Historical tours were established; open houses and displays were made in the museum; and an annual dinner meeting has been held. These are just a few examples of our activities; we look ahead to greater things.

Interest has been shown by all age groups, and it is our hope that many people will participate in the activities of the Carroll County Historical Society.

May the hard work, the foresight, the determination, the inventiveness, and the ingenuity of our pioneer ancestors serve as an inspiration to us in preserving what we can of their rich heritage.


The Carroll County Historical Society


President: Steve Mulligan
Vice President: Randy Myers
Secretary: Phyllis Porter
Treasurer: Melissa Oliver


Charles Calvert
Carol Oliver
Nancy Ringer
Theresa Peters
Mary Chatfield
Allison Krohn
Joan Jackson
Justin Sheagley
Rosalie Wilson
Robert Davis
Brian Stirm
Sharon Calvert
Wannetta Roskuski


Dan McCain
William Brown
Pete Jackson
Dick N. Bishop


Fees for genealogical research by museum staff

$15.00 for 30 minutes of research and 5 pages mailed.

$ 10.00 for the next 30 minutes.

$ 1.00 for each copy.




Membership in the Carroll County Historical Society is open to anyone wishing to further the aims and plans of the Society. Memberships are active, in which the member attends committee meetings and engages in Society activities and inactive, in which case the member receives Society news but does not participate in activities unless they so desire.

Dues are as follows as of January 1st 2012:
Junior (Under 18) = $5.00
Individual = $20.00
Family = $25.00
Business/Group/Club = $50.00
Corporation = $100.00
Lifetime(may be paid in 2 installments) = $300.00


For Additional Information:

Carroll County Historical Museum
Ground Floor Court House
P.O. Box 277
Delphi, IN 46923

Tel: 1-765-564-3152
Fax: 1-765-564-6161